Point of Sales Systems for Mobiles, Tablets and iPads

Is your establishment still accepting cash as payment? Limiting the form of payments can hurt the business. It is time to switch to the point of sales system which uses smart phone technologies and tablets to process payments made through credit and debit cards. Apart from the convenience POS retail also provides valuable information on sales trend and financial statements.

Card Readers Point of Sales

Card readers are required to swipe the credit and debit cards. These devices can be purchased for less than $60 so there isn’t much capital investment required when making the switch. These card readers can be plugged into the audio jack of any mobile phone or tablet. There are some models that are connected to laptops as well. Since this equipment is affordable as well as easy-to-use when combined with a laptop, smart phone or tablet it is an attractive addition to any business. Listed below are some options available that can help any business improve its inventory management and POS retail.

Square is gaining popularity as a mobile POS company and they manufacture the card readers to go with the application themselves. Even though, they do charge a processing fee on the credit and debit card there is no charge on the recording of check and cash payments received. Also they do not have a monthly or annual fee which is ideal for small businesses that do not have any capital.

Magtek also has many different mobile devices to offer which can be connected through the headphone or charging port as well as options for those who want to use laptops for processing. They manufacture Bluetooth card readers as well. Magtek is a specialist in security therefore their transactions are completely secure.

Ziosk produces restaurant POS that is convenient for popular establishments. The devices are placed at tables and allow guests to order whatever they want and play games while they wait for their food. After dinner, they can pay the bill themselves and also subscribe to email or text updates from your business. The processing system for secure payments comes with the device so there is no need to buy additional software. You can even receive valuable feedback from customers by getting them to fill out a quick survey at the end of their visit.

Processing Programs for iPad POS

If the card reader you have purchased does not come with a processing service, then a payment processing application will also be required to complete payments.

Intuit QuickBooks is a software that processes payments through credit and debit cards in an easy and secure way. It also works for cash and checks and their payment plan is very flexible. You can pay as you please and with this processing application you can integrate the accounting software as well to track the daily sales.

PayPal also offers many options for card readers and they are known for their payment processing solutions. The system accepts cash as well as check payments. With the application installed on the iPad POS you can get the same utility you would from a cash register. Everything can be done from the smart phone device and there is the additional advantage of generating invoices with a simple click.

Level Up also offers payment processing applications that allow for payments to be deposited directly into the bank account in 24 hours. The system is compatible with all Android, Apple and Windows devices. It can be used with smartwatches too. For iPad POS you can sync the guest’s Apple Passbook and for Android users the Google Wallet to help them make quick payments.

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